Perth Breast Augmentation, Cost, Style and Recovery

Perth Breast Augmentation is by no means a new procedure.  It has been perfected over the past few decades and has become very popular, cheaper than it used to be, and with a lot of different options available.

Women may choose to have breast surgeries or alterations for a number of reasons whether it’s for purely cosmetic purposes or to correct some kind of other surgery or medical procedure done in their past.  Let’s take a look at 5 things you should know about breast augmentation.


Costs of Perth Breast Augmentation procedures vary by what exactly you are looking for.  For a complete enlargement package, it will usually cost between $8-$12 thousand dollars depending on what type of implants you choose and any other options involved.  For some minor corrections of nipple placement and for breast lifts, it may cost much less.  Each office has their own fees and you should ask your surgeon what he recommends and tell them exactly what your desired results are.


Style is a very important thing to consider for any type of Perth breast augmentation, especially enlargements.  You’ll have to figure out what size implants to get, what type, where you want the incisions, and whether or not the implants should go in front or behind your muscle.  Your surgeon will help you with these decisions but you will usually have the final say in the matter.  You may also need to choose where to have the operation performed.  Many surgeons can do it in-house but some may elect to have it done in a public hospital.


As with any operation, you will have some amount of recovery time during which there will be discomfort.  The recovery time will vary depending on the procedure and the skill of the surgeon themselves.  A good surgeon will keep in close contact with you after the surgery and will have you come in to the office many times in the following weeks to make sure everything is going how it should.  Some surgeries will require some time off from work or other duties.

Having any kind of breast surgery can often be misunderstood by family and friends.  You should take the time to explain to your loved ones why you want this surgery done.  It may be for looks or it may be to correct something you don’t like.  It’s a better idea to let people know beforehand unless you want to surprise someone specifically.

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