Breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today. According to NationMaster Health Statistics, 66.2 people in every 100,000 have had plastic surgery in Australia.  And, breast implants are increasing in demand and soon to take the top spot (Source, 1 July 2008)

Commonly referred to as breast augmentation, the procedure helps women who wish to enhance the size and shape of their breasts by using breast implants. Women choose to undergo breast augmentation for many reasons including:

  • You may feel that your natural breast size is too small for your body size
  • You wish to enhance the contour of your figure to feel more feminine
  • Your want improve the size and contour of your breasts following weight loss, breast-feeding or pregnancy
  • You are seeking corrective surgery for past medical procedures
  • You want to balance the size and shape of your breasts as they are unequal
  • You wish to boost your self-esteem and confidence and enhance your appearance
  • You want to find shopping for clothes easier and more enjoyable

What to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

Saline or Silicone Breast Implants?

Silicone in gel form does not leak like silicone liquid – if the breast implant is ever cut, the silicone gel simply remains where it is without moving. Silicone gel used today bears no resemblance to the old silicone liquid that worried people in the past. On the other hand, Saline is simply salt water and therefore totally safe in the unlikely event that the breast implant leaks, but if it deflates, then it requires additional cosmetic surgery.

Saline breast implants tend to be firmer and do not feel quite as natural as silicone gel.  Most breast augmentation operations in Australia are performed with silicone-gel breast implants.

Incision Placement and Breast Implant Position

Breast implants are surgically inserted utilising one of three traditional incisions. They can be in the breast fold (inframammary), around the nipple (periareolar) or underneath the armpit (transaxillary). These incisions can all produce scarring ranging from excellent to poor. Although patients may voice some initial concerns about the location of their scars, they are ultimately far more concerned with the final shape and size of their breasts.

All of these incisions allow the implant to be placed either submuscular (below the chest muscle) or subglandular (between the chest muscle and your breast tissue).

Breast Implant Shape and Size

Breast implant size is one of the most important decisions in a breast augmentation procedure. Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes, with differing inner and outer materials. Most people prefer to have a breast size in proportion to the rest of their body. The choice of implant also varies from round to teardrop shapes.

The number of breast enlargement procedures is increasing and women are seeking natural-looking breasts. It is a good idea to collect some images of breasts that you like or illustrate how you would like yours to look. Magazines and the internet are helpful in achieving this.

While breast enlargement can help to boost your self-confidence and enhance your appearance, you need to think carefully about your expectations. Make sure to discuss these in detail with your cosmetic surgeon before you decide to have surgery.