Breast Enlargement Perth

Breast Enlargement Perth is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available today. The number of breast enlargement operations is on the increase and the demand for natural-looking breasts is even more apparent. We specialise in breast augmentation that gives you a natural and beautiful result. And, achieving minimal scarring is always a priority for our surgeons.

Often referred to as breast enhancement, it improves the shape and enhances the size of your breasts using breast implants. The surgery involves the placement of an implant behind each breast to increase its volume and enhance its shape. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed at any age once breast development is completed and is an option for women who are dissatisfied with their breasts for a number of reasons.You may seek breast surgery because you have small breasts or due to changes following pregnancy, weight loss or congenital abnormalities. If you are self-conscious or embarrassed about the appearance of your breasts, Breast Enlargement Perth can create larger, fuller, more feminine and attractive looking breasts.

Breast implants are either silicone or saline (salt-water) filled. The majority of breast implants used in Australia are silicone gel this achieves a more natural result. The new generation of silicone gel implants are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and very safe. The shape of the also implant varies from round to anatomical (tear-drop). The round implant comes in both low and high profile whilst the tear-drop implant comes in a variety of different widths, heights, projections and sizes.

Finding out what you really hope to achieve with breast enlargement Perth is the key to getting the best possible result. Your first consultation will take approximately 60 minutes. Our surgeons feel it is very important to spend enough time in the first consultation to establish what you consider to be the ideal breast size and shape. During this appointment your surgeon will also examine you and discuss the surgical technique and recovery, as well as the possible risks of surgery. We feel it is very important that you are clear on all the issues associated with your surgery, and we encourage you to ask us about anything you are unsure of or would like clarified.

The procedure takes about an hour and a half and is generally performed as day surgery, however, some patients prefer to stay in hospital overnight. Following surgery you will wake up with a firm bandage around your chest. Your doctor will review your progress and fit you into a post-operative bra and implant stabiliser before you are discharged. Upon discharge you will also be provided with a script for antibiotics and analgesia. Our goal is to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible.