Perth Breast Augmentations: Some Benefits

We’ve all heard before that you should be happy with your body no matter who you are right?  Well, for many of us, that’s simply not applicable.  Things happen throughout your life that require you to get a medical procedure in one way or another.  That person who tells you to be happy with your body has surely been to the dentist a few times right?  Obviously they aren’t happy with a missing tooth so why should you be happy with something that you don’t particularly like about your appearance?  When you aren’t comfortable with your body, you can lose self-esteem and confidence and that can have a dramatic effect on your state of well being.  So, who can benefit from breast augmentation?  A lot of people!

Women who have always had small breasts but have always wanted larger ones are always good candidates for Perth breast augmentation.  This is a type of surgery that is very “to the point” because you know what you want and the surgeon can help you by giving you different options and maybe even use a computer program to give you a before and after picture.  This doesn’t have to be just to please someone else but just for you.  You’ll walk away from the surgery with a newly found confidence that is hard to beat.

Mothers can often benefit greatly from Perth breast augmentation after they have had children.  Breastfeeding and simply being pregnant can put a tremendous toll on your breasts inside and out.  Often, women will end up having empty or sagging breasts a couple years after having a child and breast implants can put everything back the way it used to be.  Mothers often know exactly the size and shape they are looking for so won’t have to spend a lot of time pouring over catalogs and having multiple doctors visits.

Another group of women who can benefit greatly from breast augmentation are women who have had mastectomies or have had to have breast tissue removed for one reason or another.  It can be very hard emotionally to lose breast tissue and can be devastating to the self-esteem.  Surgeons are able to replace and even improve what was lost during medical procedures so you will feel just like your old self and maybe even better!

Making Sure Your Breast Augmentation Looks Normal

Everyone has seen women who have had breast implants that just looked fake.  You could spot them from a mile away.  They are way too large or round for a particular woman and they just don’t look “right”.  This isn’t necessarily the sign of a bad surgeon and is often requested on purpose.  Many actresses you’ve seen on television have fairly obvious implants such as a few on the old show Baywatch.  Most women will want their breast augmentation to look as real as possible and there are many ways you can ensure that this will happen smoothly and easily.

The Surgeon

Make sure you are working with a surgeon with a good reputation.  Often they will have a lot of testimonials available, have graduated from a good school, and have a lot of different options available.  Often, a simple search for their name on the Internet will tell you all you need to know.  If there are any bad experiences, more often than not, that will show up first.  The surgeon should present you with options related to what type of augmentation you are looking for.  If it’s implants, they should show you the different types available, size options, and different shapes.  A round shape may be great for some but a teardrop shape may look more natural and fit your body better.

Your Body

Probably the biggest factor to ensure your breast augmentation looks natural is your own body.  If you weigh 50 kilograms and are 153cms, jumping from an A cup to a D cup isn’t going to look right no matter what.  Some women don’t care but if you want natural, this just isn’t going to work.  Obviously, the more tissue in the chest area available, the larger size you can end up with.  This doesn’t specifically mean weight but is a combination of things such as body type, shape of the chest wall, and muscle development.

Your Current Breasts

How your breasts are pre-augmentation will determine a lot.  The amount of tissue and skin along with nipple shape and size and perkiness will all influence what a surgeon is able to do effectively to keep everything looking normal. An example of normal breasts would be if you lay on your back, they should roll to the side a bit like regular breasts.  You don’t want them standing straight up.  Different implant types and sizes can help make sure everything works just like it does now.

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Perth Breast Augmentation, Cost, Style and Recovery

Perth Breast Augmentation is by no means a new procedure.  It has been perfected over the past few decades and has become very popular, cheaper than it used to be, and with a lot of different options available.

Women may choose to have breast surgeries or alterations for a number of reasons whether it’s for purely cosmetic purposes or to correct some kind of other surgery or medical procedure done in their past.  Let’s take a look at 5 things you should know about breast augmentation.


Costs of Perth Breast Augmentation procedures vary by what exactly you are looking for.  For a complete enlargement package, it will usually cost between $8-$12 thousand dollars depending on what type of implants you choose and any other options involved.  For some minor corrections of nipple placement and for breast lifts, it may cost much less.  Each office has their own fees and you should ask your surgeon what he recommends and tell them exactly what your desired results are.


Style is a very important thing to consider for any type of Perth breast augmentation, especially enlargements.  You’ll have to figure out what size implants to get, what type, where you want the incisions, and whether or not the implants should go in front or behind your muscle.  Your surgeon will help you with these decisions but you will usually have the final say in the matter.  You may also need to choose where to have the operation performed.  Many surgeons can do it in-house but some may elect to have it done in a public hospital.


As with any operation, you will have some amount of recovery time during which there will be discomfort.  The recovery time will vary depending on the procedure and the skill of the surgeon themselves.  A good surgeon will keep in close contact with you after the surgery and will have you come in to the office many times in the following weeks to make sure everything is going how it should.  Some surgeries will require some time off from work or other duties.

Having any kind of breast surgery can often be misunderstood by family and friends.  You should take the time to explain to your loved ones why you want this surgery done.  It may be for looks or it may be to correct something you don’t like.  It’s a better idea to let people know beforehand unless you want to surprise someone specifically.

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Perth Breast Augmentation and Perth Breast Enlargements

For many years now, Perth Breast Augmentation has been a way to help women not only look better but also as a way to help them feel better about themselves.  Age, having kids, surgeries, and other factors can lead to your breasts not looking and feeling like you’d like them to.  Not all surgeries of this type are to do something drastic but instead are simply for enhancement purposes or to regain something you’ve lost and would like back.

Believe it or not, breast augmentation doesn’t mean simply putting in an implant so you have larger breasts, there are many different types of surgeries available that most people will overlook.  Some of these consist of the nipple lift, breast lift, deformity correction, and asymmetry correction.  The nipple lift is for those who would like their nipples pointing a bit higher or forward, the breast lift raises them up, deformity correction is usually performed on patients who’ve had that condition since birth and asymmetry correction is for making your breasts an equal size.  Each of these different procedures has different costs and time involved with them but this is just a handful of options available.

The reasons you may want a Perth breast augmentation will vary greatly.  Some women just want larger breasts for personal reasons and others want a procedure for cosmetic or medical reasons.  Women who have had mastectomies often opt for breast augmentation to restore the tissue that was removed so they can look just like they used to or even better.

Perth Breast Implants themselves have become very safe compared to how they were decades ago.  Silicone-gel based implants are the most common because they look and feel very natural.  Over 95% of all breast implants use silicone.  The silicone itself comes in numerous varieties of shapes and firmness.  You can get round ones or teardrop shaped ones that look a little more natural and the gel inside can be soft or firm.  You can usually get to feel the various types available at your local surgeons office so you can make a better decision.

The only one who should influence your decision to have breast augmentation is yourself.  You shouldn’t do it to please someone else but instead to please yourself.  This is a very common procedure that more and more people are having done on a daily basis so you aren’t alone in this decision and speaking to a surgeon can give you a lot of great information that can help you with your decision.

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